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Market Size Price Minimum
CCA / IRR hub_3202
2,000 CCA 600,000 IRR 100 CCA Buy
CCA / IRR hub_3202
397 CCA 590,000 IRR 3 CCA Buy
CCA / IRR hub_3202
5 CCA 750,000 IRR 5 CCA Buy
BTC / CCA ceo_15
1 BTC 0.00052 CCA 0.0013 BTC Buy
CCA / LTC far_24
100 CCA 0.12 LTC 10 CCA Buy
CCA / EUR ceo_15
1,000 CCA 4.39 EUR 20 CCA Buy
CCA / AED ceo_15
1,000 CCA 17.83 AED 20 CCA Buy
CCA / USD ceo_15
1,000 CCA 4.86 USD 20 CCA Buy
CCA / CHF ceo_15
1,000 CCA 4.77 CHF 20 CCA Buy
CCA / BTC ceo_15
100 CCA 0.000682 BTC 20 CCA Buy

Last Deals

Owner Market Amount Price
CCA / IRR 3 CCA 590,000 IRR
CCA / IRR 5 CCA 750,000 IRR
CCA / IRR 5 CCA 750,000 IRR
CCA / IRR 5 CCA 750,000 IRR
CCXX / IRR 0.1 CCXX 1,000,000 IRR

About DEX

  • Trade All Major Cryptocurrencies in a Blockchain-based Peer-to-Peer Platform

    Counos decentralized Exchange is an all-in-one platform for trading cryptocurrencies. The users can sell a wide variety of their cryptocurrencies or take measure in buying directly from other different users via Offer board at Counos.

  • Guaranteeing Real Trades

    One of the biggest criticisms of decentralized exchanges can be the existence of fake trades and fake buying and selling requests. Through offering Dex Package, Counos has removed this problem. The users can buy one of Counos Dex packages as the deposit according to the degree of their cryptocurrency buying and selling. This charge is received just as the guarantee for the real trades of the users and all the users can return all the money they have paid to receive the package.

  • Limitless Trading

    There is no limitation at Counos decentralized exchange to create different sale offers or enter the trades to buy them.

  • The Most Secure Way to Do the Trades

    Using Escrow, Counos will not give the final verification until the final verification is announced on the part of two trading parties. Applying Multisig service in Blockchain technology, the final verification will be preceded by the buyer and seller’s agreement.

  • Supporting All Credible Cryptocurrencies of the World

    Credible cryptocurrencies of the world, such as Bitcoin, Counos Coin, and Ethereum, will be supported at Counos Exchange.

  • Involving in the Trades via Fiat Currencies

    In addition to making trades through cryptocurrencies, at Counos, fiat currencies such as USD, CAD, Swiss franc, and Euro can be used for selling or buying in the trades.

  • How Does It Work?

    The trades are very much easy and secure at Counos decentralized exchange. Using Counos integrated and secured Single Sign-On (SSO) service, you can employ all the services of the Counos all-in-one platform.

  • User Registration

    Counos Dex intends to avoid common frauds at centralized exchanges through offering cryptocurrency trades and fiat money in a peer-to-peer manner. At the decentralized exchange, every user can do his/her trades without transferring money from a central account directly; however, the existence of fake trades caused decentralized exchanges to face numerous problems. Considering the fact that there is no need to pay money to the central accounts of the exchange to make trades, many robots or users address making fake trades at decentralized exchanges to do fraudulent acts in the trades.
    Now your account is finally verified. You can observe your user account in the Basic Info section.

  • What is Dex Package?

    User registration is a necessity with high priority at Counos integrated Single Sign-On service; however, the users can sign in through their user information in Google and Facebook too. Enter the user page through Sign in option. In case you have Google or Facebook account, you can directly enter the Counos Platform; otherwise, by entering an email address and selecting an appropriate password, the first stage of the registration process finishes. For the final verification of the registration process, an email including the activation code is sent to your email address. Opening your email inbox, enter the sent code in the field of the registration page.
    Counos has started introducing a new algorithm to prevent making fake trades. The users need providing one of Dex Packages to enter the trades. These packages can be provided appropriate for the financial budget of the trades. But it should be attended that no paid money will be stored as the Counos Dex budget to provide Dex Packages. All the costs of Dex Package are stored as the mechanism to guarantee making real trades, and every user can completely return his/her paid money for Dex Package to his/her account. This mechanism can secure Counos Dex in addition to avoiding fake trades by the users.

  • Creating an Offer

    Choose the Create Offer option on top of the main page. Choose the cryptocurrency you like to change or sell in From field on this page. In To field, you select the cryptocurrency or the fiat money you intend to finally trade with. Enter your offering price as per each unit of cryptocurrency you have chosen in the first field. Enter the minimum amount of accepting the purchase in the second field. In the last field, you will specify the total amount of the sale, and your trade will be registered in the Offer Board as soon as you select the Get Started option.

    • To create an offer you must provide one of the Dex packages.
    • To trade via fiat money, the users should have the second stage of KYC.

Dex Packages

  • Silver

  • Features:
  • Max Cuncurrent Offers10
  • Max offer size up to (Equivalent): $1,000

  • Minimum Deposit:
  • Total Account Balance (Equivalent): $30
  • Gold

  • Features:
  • Max Cuncurrent Offers20
  • Max offer size up to (Equivalent): $100,000

  • Minimum Deposit:
  • Total Account Balance (Equivalent): $3,000
  • Platinium

  • Features:
  • Max Cuncurrent Offers50
  • Max offer size up to (Equivalent): $500,000

  • Minimum Deposit:
  • Total Account Balance (Equivalent): $15,000

Stock Price Statistics

Peer 2 Peer

Facilitating Peer-to-Peer transactions without involving third parties.
Multisig Wallet

At Counos DEX we care about the safety of your assets, so all the assets involved in exchanges will be protected using the Multisig wallet technology.
Counos Escrow

A unique feature of Counos DEX is that all exchanges take place on the infrastructure of Counos Escrow. This escrow service is one of the best online escrow services available with respect to innovation and above all, security.

Counos DEX guarantees the safety of global online exchanges via two-factor authentication using Counos SSO (Single Sign On).

Fastest Possible Cryptocurrency Transaction.

Our algorithms can always be counted on.